This is the site for Lawyering III: The Legal Profession class taught by Prof. Dane S. Ciolino at Loyola University New Orleans College of Law during the fall semester of most academic years.


Course Number and Credit. LAW L770-003; 3.0 hours.

Course Description. This course concerns the professional and ethical duties of the lawyer. The course includes a study of the history and traditions of the legal profession, including the concept of discipline and the model rules of professional conduct. It also examines the impact of ethics and tradition on the practice of law. Finally, it will address the development of essential professional competencies required for modern lawyering. Finally, it considers the professional formation and development of the lawyer.

Required Materials

Lisa G. Lerman & Philip G. Schrag, Ethical Problems in the Practice of Law (4th ed. 2016) (ISBN 978-1-4548-6304-5). The book is available on here: Lerman & Schrag Book on Amazon.

Louisiana Legal Ethics: Standards and Commentary (Dane S. Ciolino, ed. 2017) (ISBN 978-1541324732). The book is available on here: Ciolino Book on Amazon.

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Class Attendance and Preparation

Generally. You are expected to attend each class, and to attend each class prepared. In order to prepare fully, you must (1) read all assigned materials and problems, and (2) be prepared to discuss and to resolve the problems.

Problem Preparation. This is a problem-driven course. As a result, you must independently work through any problems contained in the reading assignment before each class. To adequately do so, you must identify and apply the relevant rule(s) set forth in the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct.

Penalties for Excessive Absences or Unpreparedness: You are permitted to be absent from, late for or unprepared for a total of four (4) classes. (If you are called on in class and you are unprepared, this will count as an absence.) Each absence or late attendance or unprepared attendance thereafter will automatically result in the lowering of your final course grade by one-half letter grade. For example, if you write a “B” exam but you are absent, late or unprepared for a total of five (5) classes, your course grade will be lowered from a “B” to a “C+”.

Seating Chart. Please choose a “permanent” seat by the second class meeting. At that time I will distribute a seating chart.


Your course grade will be based on (1) your score on the November 10, 2018, NCBE Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam; (2) a research project; and, (3) an essay. To register for the November MPRE, visit NCBE MPRE Registration Information; note that you must register on or before September 20, 2018.